Sunday, February 08, 2015

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"Pigs To Trough."


Blogger Renice said...

{cardsUp: 1) III. Empress with a glass for one; 2) viii ^ (in order, ^ * # %). Eight of Swords [image], warContinues; 3) XVII. TheStar.} playReads: (-)+(-)+(+), another.lateral.move. chute, chute, shoot. "losing 50%." SWITCH. proveMove: #43 sellsMe aGun. key: Aesop'sFables, TheTortoiseAndTheHare. in.a.frame, 2up. apologizeFor publicDis. oMi meDal, Hooch&Son. noJews inLeague (ELOK. ?comprende?). celebrateMy exonerationWith pixFest. ourAdopted:ourContract. singularityOccurred: namedEntity, theGreat iSee.

Sun Feb 08, 09:42:00 AM MST  
Blogger Renice said...

yo Max, whatever happened to the footage of the snurfboard? verified: i'm Lance? sailor died at Oahu (surferBoy prayin' to Poseidon). Karl's Coppola tributeFilm: i'm Lance, in drag. camoMask: olive&lime. not-in-Kansas-anymore pigtails, with a postmodern zig-zag center part. blackT, army fatigues, yoga-soft cotton & ChuckTaylor high-tops. Then I lost time. {Open Pandora:AWOLNation:TakeMeOn, by FranzFerdinand. takeThePortal.} centeredHub ofA warriorOf nAtIoNs. i'll take the powder. sweetPoppy dUsT. wake: TNGtheme nowAdmissable inThe fEdErAtIoN. newRite: suiciTorium. enTheoGen blissOut. nowAccepting #2s atExchange. require .mil reporting. proofRequired: fullDisclosure. exhibitionGame concession: volleyball with HillaryClinton. losingTeam acceptsBlissful deathBy nEeDlE. "I do not wish to continue my continuity." says the chorus [theVests]. anAct ofWar, notA groupSuicide. 'i cross the river.' toFly asA batNext inCarNatIon. programmingA blackHole. (myMovie responseTo TheInterview.) {yes, death pact. soSnuff. soReverb. so.vida.loca. "i'llTake pufferChallenges -- conditions: tokedThe fuckUp."}

Mon Feb 09, 11:01:00 AM MST  

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