Sunday, August 07, 2016

Where is She-Ra?

Thirty-five years ago today, my prayers were manifest. I spent the day believing I was going to die in gut-splitting agony. But no... the agony continues.

Next year on this day, my daughter will be 36; I’ll be 63. If we’re still using the Gregorian calendar in 2017, our birthdays will hit on Monday and Friday again — as it was in 2006 (25/52), and 1995 (14/41), and will be in 2028 (47/74), if we both live to see it.

So you see... I think about her birthday, but I can’t celebrate it. She’s going to have to contact me first. She can start with this note, and what has been done and said to her to keep her from talking to me about it before. In the meantime, stop trying to hurt me, Jolie.

2050 (69/96) Su-Th
2039 (58/85) Su-Th
2028 (47/74) M-F
2017 (36/63) M-F
2006 (25/52) M-F
1995 (14/41) M-F
1984 (03/30) Tu-Sa



Blogger Renice said...

Virginia has a very sick agenda. Ask her to submit a swab for a DNA test. She's been lying. [She's the little girl in The Godfather. It was Louis Isidore Carrico's horse. Yeah, she was thrashed -- it's no excuse.]

Letter dated 6 March 2016


I’ve thought it over, and I cannot keep these items. Your gifts are salt in old wounds. At this point in our unfortunate dynamic, the only thing I want from you is a supervised cheek swab — I do not believe your claims. If I’m wrong, then you’re a ‘poster child’ for insane birth mothers who intentionally inflict physical damage on their own children. If I’m right, then you are simply a clichéd example of uncontrollably violent women who should be disallowed the adoption of helpless babes — the kind of broken women who mercilessly thrash their unwanted toddlers, causing telltale skeletal changes that only worsen with our aging.

I know my painful limp — the result of an early and spectacularly catastrophic injury to my right femoral neck — is your doing. The question for me is no longer how to effect a reconciliation with the monster responsible, but how this type of tragic parenting misbehavior might be short-circuited in future generations. No one should ever again suffer the preventable heinous acts I have suffered at the hands of people claiming to love the externalized objects of their insanity.

Your use of shopping therapy to assuage your guilt simply abrades. Please consider carefully before you witness falsely yet again. Admittedly, the line drawn at these gifts seems arbitrary, so please let me know what other assuagements you need me to return. Keep in mind that I believe you owe me so much more than you could possibly repay.

I am not your Renice.

Sun Aug 07, 11:14:00 AM MDT  

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