Wednesday, April 15, 2015

element: property

  • key: BackInTheDay.
  • apply ~1983: HaltAndCatchFire.character{CameronHowe} inFrame nostalgiaStained.
    add 6y (1989).
  • character{JoeMacMillan} mapsTo trashInfiltrator, housebrotherOf RobertUmstadtt, ambushFilth.
  • connectTo Clifton/Blizzard familyOf suitedSnipers and "death"* of Jaan (*as reported by druidQueen inQuiana [insertPhoto, @VOGUEIndia: 1969+25y _What'sHappenin'Man?_ 25thAnniversaryCampaign party, me in costume as Jaan's-roommate-on-another-timeline]).
  • photoCaption: "25 years was too soon."
  • admissionTicket: one fertility ring (ThePuffyTaco), sterling, 1972.
  • example propertyUse: _TheLWord_ intertwinedPreamble.
  • seasonFinale: Tsarnaev's lover, aka "brother", reveal.
Indicative of a force.
Animated GIF, created using burnerPhone & Make Animation gif-maker.

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