Saturday, July 22, 2017

Where the hell is the kohlrabi?! *

Week 1, Dish 2: Quinoa Fried Rice
With Charred Scallion Butter and Kohlrabi Salad

Yikes! just the kind of stress I was trying to avoid when I ordered the TB12 Performance Meal by Purple Carrot. Only 2 mealkits in and I'm beginning to think subscription might not be the way to go...
maybe inventory-controlled limited editions which would be completely stocked, rather than delivered without some essential ingredients.

1. Without the kohlrabi, the kit made two 2-cup servings.

2. I had one serving hot, the second as cold leftovers the next morning — I recommend making this ahead to chill.

3. This meal came with an extra packet of sugar snaps, perhaps as a substitution for the missing kohlrabi... ?

4. Btw, the time elapsed between this and the photo of the serving above is about 1hour 10minutes.

5. In spite of the missing ingredient, the fried quinoa was nevertheless a reasonable diversion from my usual cooking rut.

* UPDATE 26 July 2017
Purple Carrot applied a $20 credit to my account for the two missing ingredients. I'm a very happy customer!

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