Sunday, July 23, 2017

OMG, it's all here!

Week 1, Dish 3: White Bean Keftedes
with Skordalia and Dill Sauce


1. These vegan 'meatballs' are very nice. When I make this again (!), I'll add carmelized onions for a meatier taste.
(One of my favorite sports: going to vegetarian potlucks with vegan dishes so meaty-tasting they fool everyone ;>}.)

2. The japanese-yam skordalia is under the dill sauce — and it's delicious! My keftedes aren't spherical — I mistakenly added liquid from the canned beans — but the mint, parsely, white bean mix is still brilliant.

3. Note: the time elapsed from the photo below to the finished meal in the photo above: 1hour 20min. Yeah, we're slow cookin' now!

4. I used a hand-held chopper instead of a food processor on both the keftedes and the skordalia.

5. The little faux meatballs fit nicely in a toaster oven — perfect for summer cooking.

6. This mealkit was a lovely introduction to foods I wouldn't normally buy. In spite of problems with two out of three of the kits I got this week, I'm looking forward to three new kits next week.

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