Friday, September 29, 2006

Brad Cervical Spine AP

Brad Cervical Spine Lateral View

Titanium plate and screws surrounding my used-body part.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

San juan via viaques

We stopped in vieques to pick up some birds for a cockfight in san juan.

From the air

Da plane

Aw. Bye coco.

My seaurchin collection

The main building

From the beach at night

Little lizard








The dingy dock

One of the few restaurants open off season.

So, just to clarify...



I thought these porch railings were cool. Mass produced, but come in so many styles. Wish i'd had time to take pictures of the newer ones in san juan.


Arnold is pissed too


Got to the beach but the waves were too big to get in the water!

A well before the beach

I think those are unexploded at the bottom ?

Arnold leads the way

And a good thing, too. I missed the turn to the beach and Arnold barked til i turned around .

Puerto rican dogs love me.

This is Arnold. He decided to walk with me.

And walking...


End of the road...

The map shows a road straight to the beach. But this as far as the lawnmower would go.

"road" to playa brava

Multimedia message

Morning walk

Back off! She's our mark!

Coco and her sister, Karlita, protect me from other dogs.

Monday, September 25, 2006

(almost) roadkill

About the size of a cat, this lizard could run really fast... When he wanted to.

At Zoni beach

Zoni Beach is on the northeast side of the island.

What more do you need?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

If you give a dog some cheese...

New best friend

This is coco. I scratched her chin once, now she follows me everywhere.

At least it was cheap...

Too far 2 town and other beaches. So i rented this lawnmower.

Beach art


Bombing stopped in 1975, but crews are still finding live explosives. Its all supposed to be top secret though .

Bombs away!

Former target practice 4 us navy.


My phonebooth

Wall of old shark pen. And only place w reception

My beach

100 ft from porch


One of MANY cats

My porch2

Other side

My porch

My porch in Culebra.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Black Jack & Izzy


Izzy's Place